Gulshan Club

At the heart of Gulshan Club is the collective kinship amongst its Members. Founded in 1978, GCL prides itself for being more than just a club, but a home away from home. The Club was set up on the belief that life is best spent in the company of loved ones, and it is presently the only family club in Bangladesh. Governing administrations, throughout the years, have been working relentlessly strengthening the bond and fellowship of its Members, as well as bringing families closer together through arts, culture, sports and various initiatives and events.

From The Desk of President

Dear Members,

I hope all of you are safe and in good health. I have been a Member of Gulshan Club for almost two decades, and I am honoured to be serving you as the 41st President of our prestigious Club, especially during these difficult times. The year of 2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us. Many of us have experienced the sad and untimely demise of friends, family and loved ones due to the global pandemic. I would like express our deepest condolence on behalf of the entire Gulshan Club family. Despite the numerous obstacles we are faced with this year, I, along with our Board of Directors, have been working relentlessly to make several developments in various extents of our Club. We are striving to increase diversity in our facilities and activities for all of our honourable Members. We have introduced several health and safety guidelines at the Club, and it is our highest priority to keep everyone safe and in good health. It is also imperative that we all stay positive during these challenging times, and not despair. Please remember that the darkest hour is always right before dawn. I believe this too shall pass and we will emerge from it, together, stronger than ever before.

Capt. Saifur Rahman

Your safety is our utmost priority

Follow our News & Events page to stay updated on all of the Club’s current affairs. As Gulshan Club enters its 42nd year, our elected President and Board of Directors have been striving towards growth and development, as well as diversifying the Club’s services and facilities

Capt. Saifur Rahman
Tea with Tune
16 December
Mujib Borsho
21st February